An engagement session is a big deal and it's important to be prepared. I know it may sound daunting but keep reading and you'll find out exactly why I say this! I've listed a few important reminders for my couples to keep note of before the session. As your Spokane WA engagement Photographer, I provide you with a style and location guide to help ypu plan out the perfect and most unforgettable experience.

Make this about the both of you! As your photographer, I love capturing moments that unfold naturally and express your deep connection. I know being in front of the camera may seem really tough but think of me as your best friend just standing on the side snapping all your hugs, kisses and chases.

Choose a location that fits your personalities! Finding the most epic location can be easier than you think. Of course, I can assist in finding the best location, but think of a place you both love going to and what you both enjoy doing together. I'm all up for unique and unexpected places! So, let's go on an adventure and capture the story of your love in an awesome way!

What the heck to wear! Ok so what do you wear to your engagement session? Well, first off, I love assisting my couples with outfits that represent their style, but ultimately, I want you to feel like you and to be comfortable. If you're looking to propose or want those authentic photos for your save the date cards and you're a couple that love to backpack and hike, then I want to capture you in your hiking gear, walking a trail and getting those golden hour mountain top images. Always be mindful of the weather! If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know one minute it can be sunny and warm and the next chilly, windy and raining, so always bring a backup change of clothes or layers.

Bring props if you choose! Props can be a fun way to help calm those nerves! I've photographed a couple that brought popcorn because they love going to the movies. They did end up having a popcorn fight! lol If you both love playing board games, that would be a cute capture, or maybe a camping tent we can nestle in the woods to simulate a cozy camping moment. The possibilities are endless! We can chat more about this during our consultation.

So... that wasn't too bad, was it? Made you think there were these important rules you needed to follow in order to have your engagement photos done. In the end, these are more than just photos, they are memories and moments that you can tell your kids about and hang on the walls in your home. Also, if you've hired me as your wedding photographer, engagement photos are a great way to see me in action and for us to spend quality time together to get all those awkward nerves out of the way, so when the wedding day arrives you are prepared and confident to share yourselves in beautiful photos.