What does it mean to elope? Have you ever thought about it? Most misconceptions about eloping means running away to one of the many chapels in Vegas. Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything wrong with that idea, but what about making it a heck of a lot more adventurous?

What if you decided to make your Vegas elopement a buck list adventure? Hear me out!


You wake up early, bags packed and ready to fly off to your elopement destination. On the way to the airport, you stop at your favorite cafe for a coffee and pastry. As your waiting for your flight, you make sure everything is confirmed for two-day elopement experience. You've arrived in Vegas and instead of staying in one of the main overpopulated hotels or resorts you booked a secluded Airbnb just outside of the hub. I'd much rather have a view of the city than being smack in the main strip. You're both outdoor enthusiast and decided to go for a red rock canyon tour in a pink jeep! That sounds like so much fun right there! You both decide to have a private chef come in and cook an incredible meal of some of your favorite foods and ended the night with your favorite cocktails in the hot tub.


You both wake up and make an incredible breakfast. Because you're having a sunset elopement you want to do some more exploring. You're in Vegas, so why not check out the many fun attractions? How about a Ferris Wheel ride and a drifting car ride along, like when would you ever do that again? It's time to get ready for your wedding. You both are in separate rooms writing your vow and getting dressed. Now here's the most surprising part. We are in Vegas, but you aren't getting married in a chapel, you are taking a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon for a sunset "I Do".

Can you just picture it? If you ever have been to the Grand Canyon at sunset, it is the most spectacular sight and to have you standing there with the love of your life after just taking a helicopter to get here sounds pretty magical!

No matter how or where you decide to elope, it's all about having that "just us" experience. How I define elopement is having an intimate experience in a meaningful or new location where you can celebrate love as a couple or with those closest to you.

As a photographer, I love the idea of spending a day or two with my couple just capturing all the love and fun! It's about having a personal connection with my couples.

Elopements can be anywhere, any style or vibe you want. It's creating a unique experience for two people that love each other more than stressing over planning a big wedding.