detailed view of a wedding album
detailed view of the pages for a wedding album

Should you or shouldn't you order an Heirloom Wedding Album?

When it comes to preserving your wedding day memories, there is nothing better than having a tangible Heirloom Album filled with all your favorite photos from your wedding that you can pass down for generations.

So, should you order an Album?

This is totally up to you and don't feel the pressure to order it before your wedding or even directly after the day. If you decide one year down the road you'd like it as a one year anniversary gift, I'd be thrilled!

I add a wedding album on to each package because not everyone is totally sold on the idea right of the bat! The process is so easy and creating your design is so much fun for me!

How does it work?

When you decide to go ahead and order your wedding album, I will send you my complete Album Guide filled with all the details including album materials, paper type, debossing and print, to the beautiful box options to store your album in for safe keeping. The starting price is also within the guide as well. It comes with a 35 spread, but my clients always order more! I'm able to fit as many images as I can per page, but you are left with so many amazing photos that more pages will be desired!

Your wedding is truly a unique experience and why wouldn't you want to cuddle up with your love and reminisce all the joy that floods each page of your beautiful Heirloom Album?