It all starts with emotion driven images!

When I first started photographing weddings, couples and families I wanted to focus more on the emotion of each image rather than solely on the editing itself. Now, I get a lot of reaction from clients and fellow photographers that absolutely love the way I edit, but what makes my heart sing is when my clients actually tell me they love my work because they can feel the emotion just radiate from the photo. This is exactly what I want to be known for!

If you've scrolled through my feed on Instagram or through my portfolio, you will mostly likely see varying differences in mood and color. Though it may not seem consistent at first glance, what is consistent is the way I tell my clients story.

You're not just hiring me to take photos and be done! Hiring me is an experience that starts way before I even take one photo. I learn and gather pieces of your life that I can than create the most beautiful story with. I would rather you have a gallery wall filled with a story or an heirloom album on the coffee table filled with images that tell a story your grandkids can't wait to look at every time they come over to visit.

Why I started photographing this way

I grew up with my nose in my grandmother's old black and white photos. I would just sit there for hours looking through every image as if I saw it for the first time, every time. Looking through photos and hearing incredible stories just filled my heart with nostalgia. So, when I decided to become a photographer, I knew right away that I wanted my style and vibe to be that of yester year. I wanted images to be filled with emotion, candid/documentary moments, grit/grain and be inspired by the film I loved so much.

how I get to know my clients and build their story

First thing is I have prospective clients fill out my contact form. This will help me understand a little more about what draws them to want to work with me. Once I receive this, I will set up a zoom call with them to chat a bit more about what they would like most out of our time together. I want to spend time with people that are open to what I throw their way and value the experience. I than send an outfit and location guide which my clients rave about and finally a questionnaire filled with in depth questions that will help me create a visual story for your session. Let me just say that communication is an important part of our collaboration. Without communication we don't have much of anything!

Final thoughts

Just know this! I love getting to know people and am always looking for a good conversation so reach out to me and let's chat! We all have amazing stories to tell, and I want to capture yours!

studio maternity session
husband listening to the baby as wife holds his hand
couple standing for a maternity portrait
profile of couple standing in front of a window
couple cozy on a bed
couple laying on the bed looking at the camera.
wife kissing her husband as they lay on the bed.

Hey loves! I'm Blair and I'm so excited your here! I truly can't wait to photograph your engagement and wedding and to just celebrate with you two for your dream wedding day.

Inquire below and let's chat all about what your dream wedding day looks like and how you want it to feel.