Not sure how many hours you need to book your wedding photographer for? I'm here to answer a very common question!

As you hunt around for wedding photographers you may notice that some have starting prices, starting prices with hours or their entire pricing packages laid out for you. No matter what wedding photographer you end up inquiring with your going to be chatting more in depth with them about all the details and what they offer. As a wedding photographer I approach this question of "hours of coverage" differently. Most likely you are newly engaged and just on cloud nine about the proposal and in the beginning stages of planning your beautiful day that you probably have no idea how many hours you would need a photographer for. I never come out a just ask my potential clients, "do you know how many hours you're looking to book me for? " I do this, and I'll get crickets and a pause. I do this instead!

I ask you specific questions about your day that will help me better understand how many hours you will need. Don't worry, I'm not trying to drive sales or make you go outside of your budget, this is my professional opinion and trust me when I say, clients that have booked me for less time end up adding more.

If you are freshly engaged and haven't even had a moment to explore options or build an idea of what you are looking for that's ok, this is why I assist you with creating a timeline for your day. Don't feel stressed that you need all the answers right away. I'm here to be your guide throughout the entire process.

Here is a sample timeline for photography coverage: This will better prepare your call with your photographer!

Two hours before bride leaves for the ceremony (getting ready bride and groom, details, family portraits)

First look

Family portraits and bridal party portraits

Ceremony and vows

Post ceremony leaving venue and signing marriage license

Reception (speeches, cake cutting, dances)

Golden hour/ blue hour portraits

Send off

I certainly hope this was helpful! Please check out my other blog posts for more resources and inspiration! If you ever have any questions, I am here to help you figure it out! Please email me for a quick response!

bride getting ready portrait
groomsmen getting ready portraits
Bride and Groom first dance
wedding guests dancing at the reception
bride and groom with cake on their faces
bride and groom golden hour portrait
bride and groom ceremony